Superyacht Courier, the parcel forwarding service for the international yachting community.

The UK online market is the best there is. Shop online with a UK address, let us take in your parcels and ship them to you at your convenience. Whether you need chandlery goods, bespoke items for guests or those little luxuries for the crew. Wherever you are in the world. We'll get it there.

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About Us

We used to be known in the ‘Yachtie’ world as the Super Yacht Crew recruitment company.

Whilst in business, our clients started asking us if we minded forwarding on some packages to them, as they found it a tad frustrating dealing with UK retailers.

Being good natured folks, of course we didn’t mind helping out. The Yacht Management company next door was also getting similar requests, so over a few years we learned the ropes of mastering the parcel forwarding service for our clients. This service became so popular we decided to roll it out for the whole yachting community to benefit.

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Why Use SYC?

Ever had a problem receiving your UK online orders whilst overseas? Or trying to track multiple orders from a number of suppliers? With shifting itineraries and hard to reach locations, Superyacht Courier is the answer to this problem.

With years of experience in yachting we are not phased by shifting itineraries. Change your delivery address as you like and let us handle the shipping. Whether you are a Captain, pursor or crew member purchasing for the boat or yourself let us take care of the shipping. Shop on multiple sites, we will consolidate your parcels saving you time and money. Can’t get the UK retailer to deliver abroad? Have them deliver to us. We ship to you fast and secure. No more missing out on UK shopping deals. Having problems using a non-UK registered credit card at the checkout? We’ll step in and make a purchase for you.

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