Keeping in Shape – Crew Style

Keeping your fitness levels up whilst working long hours as yacht crew can be tough, however keeping in shape is vital not only to remain physically on form but for your state of mind too.

The temptation to party hard in between charters and enjoy a carb-cuddle after a well-earned night out is one we’re all familiar with however balance is the key and having the right fitness tools on hand always help.

Superyacht Courier can help equip you with the right kit to ensure that you maximise the time you have available to keep you in great condition.

Our friends at Lululemon offer a superb exercise clothing range for men and women. They also offer some great tips on creating your own yoga routine without having to leave where you are.

They say even just a few poses a day can elevate your life and lend high vibes to your living space. According to Sarah Harvison, Lululemon’s Global Yoga Ambassador program manager, the most important thing is not to get hung up on trying to make your practice perfect; just focus on making it uniquely yours.

Alongside choosing the best place to do it, a few props can go a long way in helping your practice feel supported.  Consider investing in a couple of blocks, a strap, and a bolster or cushion.

If High Impact Intensity Training is more your bag, click here to check out their 6 exercise HIIT workout that you can do anywhere. Kit yourself out in the right clothing for your workout and you’ll feel inspired to get burning those calories.


The freedom of going for a run clears the mind and is also good for the soul, especially in busy times. After the superb tips from the last charter, why not treat yourself to the latest running wear from Sweaty Betty or a new fitbit activity tracker from Amazon? Order them now and we’ll get them delivered to you, no matter where you are.



A balanced diet is difficult to sustain when you are working irregular hours however taking supplements may help you stay on course nutritionally. Navigating the world of supplements can seem daunting, but if you’ve got clear priorities then it becomes easier to make decisions about what to take, and why. Holland and Barrett offer an online service and feature great vitamin and nutritional advice.

Let Superyacht Courier help get your new favourite exercise gear and trusted vitamins to you so that you have all your daily needs with you.

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